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Inflammation. Stress. Pain. Anxiety. Stress. Fight against cancer. Protect skin from ultraviolet radiation. Reduce the appearance of aging. Promote brain health. Fight against dementia (Alzheimer’s disease) Reduce inflammation. Protect the cardiovascular system. Promote normal blood pressure. Support blood normal blood sugar levels. Assists the body with weight loss.


Advanced Body Foods offers Spice. This blend of one hundred plus spices that work with your body to create overall health.

Spice blends introduce healthy polyphenols into the body. Working as antioxidants in the body, polyphenols protect the cells from damage. This protection works with the body to fight aging and boost general body health. In addition, Spice supplements include turmeric. Turmeric is widely known for its anti-inflammatory properties. 

The inclusion of turmeric also adds: 

Protection against depression. Combats hay fever. Assists the body in regulating cholesterol levels.

Advanced Body Foods focuses on the wellness of the whole body. Adding the Spice supplement to the diet helps protect the body against aging factors. In addition, it promotes not only physical health, but also mental health. Spice works with the body and brain to maintain balance and reduce inflammation that can lead to a variety of limitations.


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