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The benefits of using a Shilajit supplement include:
Reduced muscle spasms. Diminished nerve pain. Balance mineral deficiencies. Increased energy. Promotes memory. Cleanses the kidneys and reduces inflammation from kidney-related fluid retention. Increase testosterone levels. Promote stamina. Enhance athletic performance. Reduce chronic pain. Boost Testosterone. Stree and Anxiety Reliever.


Collected in the Himalayas, shilajit is considered one of earth’s strongest minerals. The name even means “nectar of God.” Used for thousands of years, this adaptogen is always purified before ingestion. Shilajit is widely used not only for its ability to boost physical health, but also to promote mental health. This potent supplement contains eighty four vitamins, including folic acid. It is easily absorbed into the body and provides optimal results. Shilajit balances the body and supports the production of testosterone.

Known throughout the world for the healthy benefits, shilajit is a powerful addition to any supplement regimen. Advanced Body Foods offers this supplement to promote overall health and reduce symptoms of chronic pain. It can increase athletic performance and contributes to longevity.


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