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Great for Shakes, Meal Replacement, Immunity, Vitamins, Protein, Testosterone, Natural Hormone Balance, Energy, Detoxification


Pine Pollen contains over two hundred bioactive nutrients. Chinese have used pine pollen since ancient times in their traditional medicine. Pine Pollen boasts high levels of vitamins and minerals. It works in the body to create balance in overall health. Essential amino acids make pine pollen useful as a meal replacement. In fact, pine pollen is calorie free while providing nutrients to the body. Pine pollen works with the body as an anti-inflammatory and healing agent. 

In other cultures, pine pollen is known as an adaptogen. This means that it helps all the systems of the body work together in balance. Pine pollen contains the wonder hormone DHEA. It is one of the few known natural sources of DHEA. With this hormone, pine pollen has androgenic effects. It stimulates testosterone production and function.

Pine Pollen can be taken before workouts to enhance athletic performance. It helps the body heal due to its anti-inflammatory components. Pine pollen is also believed to fight aging. Other benefits include:

Helping maintain digestion health. Boosts immune system. Aids sleep. Contains B-Vitamins. Full of amino acids. Provides Vitamin D3. Contains the anit-oxidant SuperOxide Dismutase. Works as an anti-inflammatory. Fights aging. Enhances athletic performance.

Advanced Body Foods offers Pine Pollen as a supplement to aid overall health. This dense superfood works within the diet to balance the body’s systems.


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