Matcha Green Tea - 1oz

100% Organic Cracked Cell Wall Pine Pollen

Matcha Green Tea 1oz

Advanced Body Foods

100% Organic FDA Certified Green Tea Matcha

How to Take:

1 - 5 Cups per Day or as Needed Can Make Like Regular Tea, Steep, Add to Shakes, Tea, Coffee or Hot Water

Powder Form - 1⁄2 - 1 Teaspoon per cup

Great Product to Take with Organic Cracked Cell Wall Pine Pollen and the Different Advanced Body Food Blends, Instead of Coffee Add the Blends directly to hot Matcha Tea

Description (What is in each product):

    100% Organic FDA Certified Green Tea Matcha

    Superfood Origin:

    Green Matcha comes from a Plant Called Camellia Sinensis.


    Organic Grassy Overtones with a rich buttery flavour

    Matcha Green Tea Superfood Health Benefits:

    Master Anti-Oxidant

    ● 137X The Anti-Oxidant levels of Regular Green Tea

    ● 1300 Units Per Gram - ORAC Scale - Free Radical Absorption Rate,

    ● Compared to Pomergranits at 105 and Blue Berries around 91

    ● Superfood with the Anti-Oxidant Level of 20 Cups of Green Tea

    ● Contains Chlorophyll Anti-Oxidant which helps promote detoxification of  chemicals,     heavy metals, toxins, and metabolic waste. 

    Protein and Calcium

    ● 130 X the Calcium of Regular Green Tea, 172 Times the Protein

    Muscle Recovery

    ● Helps Speed Up Muscle Recovery - Reduces Oxidative Stress on Muscles  and Connective     Tissue Weight Loss & Metabolism 

    ● Enhances Fat-Burning and Energy Expenditures

    ● Promotes Weight Loss - Catechins help restore healthy BMI, Body Weight,

    and Waste Circumference

    ● Promotes long Term Weight Loss by Helping Maintain a healthy Metabolism

    According to a study in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, consuming green tea     increased thermogenesis, that is, the body's rate of burning calories, from 8-10% to 35-43%     of daily energy expenditure.

    Insulin and Sugar Levels

    ● Promotes healthy sugar levels and reduces the chance of diabetes, other studies suggest     it decreases insulin

    Health Organs

    ● Healthy Heart - Studies suggest increased Catechins and anti-oxidants  prevent oxidative     damage on the heart and promote long term health. 

    ● Helps Fight Cancer - Studies suggest it can help prevent Prostate, Colon, Breast and     Bladder cancers

    Skin, Hair, and Nails

    ● Helps Reduce the signs of Aging and Skin Damage, Catechins helps reduce  red splotching     and red patches - Beautifying Effect 


    Increases Digestional Motility

    Calms Stomach - levels of calming amino-acids (L-theanine)