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Health News | Anient China

Energy drinks 'increase stroke risk by 500%

Pine Pollen Versus Energy Drinks

Instead of Energy Drinks try Pine Pollen, the worlds most powerful and dense super food hailing with over 200 bio active nutrients giving your body an elixir of health benefits. Try Advanced Body Foods Blends for a great balanced meal supplement that rejuvenates and gives lots of energy. Our 500 G Power Bags have 6-weeks to 2 months supply.

- Dr. Jack Mustard
Health News | Anient China

Ancient Cannabis Use in China

There is a lot of new information on the science of cannabis, CBD, and medicinal uses. It has been seen in cultures for thousands of years. This is a great article showing use up to 2,500 years ago. Although western science struggles to catch up with studying the effects of natural and organic remedies for diseases, conditions, and pain, cultures have used Cannabis for these conditions and also recreational and ways to reduce symptoms related to neurological conditions like Epilepsy. Although the article goes on to say it's unknown if it was used for psycho active effects or ritual purposes the medicinal component it is seen in cultures and societies across the globe. Currently as knowledge of the potential health benefits emerge, medicinal marijuana is seen as an alternative to medical synthetic drugs that have harmful side effects like opioids and muscle relaxers. The oil and the plant itself having vast uses continues to be used and seen in society and knowledge of the plant continues to increase.

- Dr. Jack Mustard


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